Carreteras y Tuneles


Project Design. Construction management. Technical Assistance to Construction Management
The work consists of integrating GR-5201 road (Aldeire road) in an urban road section. Project has be done for sidewalk and parking areas located in the south, including the related services: supply, storm water, telecommunications, low voltage and lighting system.
  • Developer: Granada Provincial Council
  • Construction Budget: € 56.531,71
  • Scope of Work: Technical Assistance to the Project Management
Remodeling of the left bank of the Guadix urban crossing Buenos Aires Avenue. The object of the Project includes mainly expansion of sidewalks, execution of parkings, paving of sidewalks and parkings, new roadbed, new supply, rainwater and lighting services, replacement of existing gas, electricity and traffic light services, provision of new signage and elements of urban furniture.
  • Promoter: Junta de Andalucía
  • PEM: 40.099.601,96 €
  • Contract: Drafting the informative study
The main objective of the works is the design of the construction project, the complete remodeling of the Kennedy streets (stretch Jaén street - Palomar street), Jaén and Miguel Márquez in the Las Cañadas neighborhood of Mijas T.M. Mijas (Málaga), with the improvement and renewal of all the underground pipes and networks, the ordering and paving of the street, lighting and provision of gardening and urban furniture.
Within this municipality we have been awarded several projects among them Drafting the project of comprehensive remodeling of the streets Rio Grande and Rio Barbate, in Las Lagunas, Mijas Costa ", TM de Mijas, Drafting of the project for the construction of a bio-healthy playground in La Cala Hills, SUP R-13, TM de Mijas, Drafting of the project for the integral remodeling of the Rio Grande and Rio Barbate Streets in Las Lagunas, Mijas TM, Drafting of the project for the complete remodeling of Canteras Street in Mijas town Expé. 147/2016 / CM, Drafting of the project for the integral remodeling of Beltrán and Pío XII Streets in the neighborhood of Las Cañadas de Mijas, Expte 171/2016 / CM, Contract for the drafting of a comprehensive remodeling project of Benaoján street in La Cala, Míjas Costas.
Expire 131/2016 / CM, drafting of the project of integral remodeling of Ebano Street in the neighborhood of Las Lagunas de Míjas. Expire 140/2016 / CM and drafting of the project for the complete remodeling of Kennedy streets (Calle Jaén - Palomar Street section), Jaén and Miguel Márquez in the neighborhood of Las Cañadas of Míjas. Expire 141/2016 / CM
Continuous improvement of urban infrastructure to provide better service and quality to the town of Vera. The measures envisaged in the project include improved stormwater and containment of sludge in the RC-5e sector, Villaricos road and Castellon Avenue, which involves, among other measures, the implementation of rubble walls and ditches lined with concrete.
  • Developer: Almería Provincial Council
  • Construction Budget: € 331.387,78
  • Scope of Work: Project Management
The purpose of this project is to define the works necessary for the execution of a sidewalk in the bank of the provincial road AL-3116, in its public domain, so as to allow pedestrian traffic between the population center of Venta Gaspar and Loma Cabrera, particularly the circulation between el Boticario park and the Loma Cabrera road, within the center of Loma Cabrera.
In addition, the proposed roadbed reinforcement of the entire roadway of the provincial road is included.
  • Promoter: City Council of Almería
  • PEM: 6.108,35 €
  • Contract: Drafting of construction project
The project envisages the creation of a central square, expanding the sidewalks and paving of the square, creating a new scenario and a new supply, storm sewer and public lighting systems, new road compaction to its maximum density, installation of a new street signage and furniture.
  • Developer: Granada Provincial Council
  • Construction Budget: 76.388,64 €
  • Scope of Work: Construction Project Design and Technical Assistance to Project Management