Medio Ambiente y  Energía

Environment & Energy

Atecsur Engineering has carried out energy optimization studies in several municipalities, with cost savings of 22% and services of energy data collection and update inventory.
Energy optimization planning for 9 municipalities, reaching a total energy consumption of 4,090,426.71 kWh/year and an economic cost of 558,696.20 €/year. Saving and energy efficiency measures have been settled leading an 18% energy and cost savings around the 22%. A CO2 emissions reduction of more than 430 tons/year (> 13.5% of total) has been estimated.
  • Developer: Almería Provincial Council
  • Scope of Work: Energy Optimization Planning for the 9 Municipalities Mentioned
An energy data collection and inventory of all municipal energy facilities corresponding to a total of 161 municipalities in the province of Granada was realised. Data from more than 3,810 power supplies (energy metres) 2.303 street lighting control systems and over 137,000 points of light were collected.
  • Developer: Granada Provincial Council
  • Scope of Work: Energy data collection
The purpose of the work is to analyse the comprehensive feasibility of the land conditioning for Green Way use of the mining railway line from Lucainena de las Torres to Agua Amarga (municipality of Níjar). Using all the line of this disused railway infrastructure, this public property would turn into an axis for domestic tourism, with services and promotion capable of bringing together and channeling this clearly booming type of tourism. A sports, recreational and tourist equipment responding to a growing social demand is created and provides safety and universal access to cycling and walking.
  • Developer: Almería Provincial Council
  • Construction Budget: € 2.245.682,19
  • Scope of Work: Feasibility Study
The geographical location collected data on street lighting facilities was updated and corrected, according to the new documentation of Granada Provincial Council.
  • Developer: Granada Provincial Council
  • Scope of Work: Updating Data and Geographical Situation of Granada Province
Energy data collection and inventory of all relevant energy facilities in Valle de Zalabí municipality (Granada) was realised.
  • Developer: Granada Provincial Council
  • Scope of Work: Energy Data Collection in Valle de Zalabí Municipality
The main objective of this project is the description of the necessary works for the execution of a Clean Point in Maracena (Granada). This will be for voluntary collection of waste and household items for the municipality. The basic equipment (containers, selective collection, ...), will be complemented with the provision of a control office, loading dock, an enclosure with WEEE cover and a small special waste cover for the collection and temporary storage of special waste. Ffor later delivery to Authorized Managers, who will transfer them to the appropriate treatment plants.
  • Promoter: Junta de Andalucía
  • PEM: 14.800,00 €