Carreteras y Tuneles


Project Design. Construction management. Technical Assistance to Construction Management
The works consist of the revision and update of the Modified Project of the addition of carriageway works of the current road A-352 (old A-1200), expanding the capacity of this road (IMD 2015: 14.420 Vehicles) and improving the drainage system. The total length of the action is 4.334.928 m. In about 3.340 m of the total action, the grade of the current road is modified because of the existing transversal drainage system do not comply with the minimum section required by instruction 5.2.-IC. The total material execution budget is 11.163.792,57 €. Likewise, a technical assistance of safety and health coordination is carried out during the previous tasks before to the start of the works.
  • Developer: Public Works Agency of the Junta de Andalucía
  • Construction Budget: 13.500,00 €
  • Scope of Work: Consulting service and technical assistance to the construction management
The purpose of this project is to define in a concrete and precise way the works corresponding to the surface rehabilitation of the roadbed on the provincial road GR-3307 between Pk: 0 + 000 to Pk 5 + 300, as well as the improvement of drainage and road signs in the whole section of this provincial road, inclunding clean up and filling of potholes and existing cracks in punctual sections of the current roadbed, as well as a reinforcement of it in all its length. The Provincial Road GR-3307 begins at the intersection with the autonomous road A-338 till the vicinity of Fornes, belonging to the municipality of Arenas del Rey, (intersection with the provincial road GR-3302).
  • Developer: Provincial Council of Granada
  • Construction Budget: 9.380,16 €
  • Scope of Work: Drafting the informative study
Project drafting and health and safety coordination work are carried out for the following actions: Project for the adaptation of the terrace of the terminal building. Project for the conditioning of a space to house the expansion of the departure lounge. The estimate of the material execution budget is € 200.000.
Project for the adaptation of the roof of the tower and improvement works on fire and electric installations of the Control Tower for its later legalization. The estimate of the material execution budget is € 20.000.
Project for the adaptation of the premises of the old technical block. Adaptation of premises for office use 60 m2. Change of slopes and waterproofing of old technical block roof. The estimate of the material execution budget is € 10.000.
In contract indicates projects Drafting and CSS.
  • Developer: Junta de Andalucía
The purpose of this project is to minimize the existing problems regarding the loading and unloading of solid bulk and the emission of dust that this generates, causing the environmental problems of an installation of this type.
The purpose of this project is to define the necessary works to determine the foundations and support structure of the dust trap meshes, allowing a removable and also transferable placement. It also includes a spray system using nebulizers, to create an environment with sufficient humidity. This will avoid affections to the port facilities or the nearest residential areas after the emission of dust particles in the loading-unloading and storage in the open air.
  • Developer: Provincial Council of Granada
  • Construction Budget: 56.531,71 €
  • Scope of Work: Technical assistance to construction management
The object of the present contract is the Construction Management of the works of milling and replacement of pavement in the road of Ronda.
  • Developer: City Council of Almería
  • Construction Budget: 642.720,82 €
  • Scope of Work: Drafting of construction project
Construction of the A-32 motorway in the Torreperogil-Ubeda stretch, differentiated in two actions: the doubling of the current N-322 section which has 2 lanes separated by a 2m median and the variant of the N-322 at the north of Torreperojil, a section with 2 lanes separated by a 5m median.
  • Developer: The Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Construction Budget: € 69.439.186,33
  • Scope of Work: Consulting Services and Technical Assistance to the Project Management.